The dreaded gift of perspective

Julie Nolte at Feeling Peckish goes back to January to explain the pandemic to her former self.

At 0:46 “January Julie” mentions the Australian wildfires and predicts that the fires will be the defining feature of 2020. As “April Julie” says “not even a little bit” and “your definition of a big deal is going to change”

Yeah, it has, and we are experiencing that dreaded gift “perspective” as in when the excrement really hits the fan, this other stuff seems small.

Unfortunately, we might have even more perspective changing gifts coming our way. Writing in Propublica, Abrahm Lustgarten warns us that things could get even worse.

Thus the COVID-19 pandemic, even as it unfolds in the form of an urgent crisis, is offering a larger lesson. It is demonstrating in real time the enormous and undeniable power that nature has over civilization and even over its politics. That alone may make the pandemic prologue for more far-reaching and disruptive changes to come.


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