What we eat is what we are

This blog has always been aware of the connections between food, health, and the environment. Our current industrialized food system is bad for all three. Factory farming, whether it be monocrop agriculture and heavy pesticide use, confined area feed operations, or food deserts in our inner cities everything is connected.

To reduce or reverse ecological damage, as well as improving our health and the well being of our population, we need to fundamentally change the way we look at food and redefine our relationship.

The Foodshed Network will be hosting a series of online forums on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 Eastern Time. The first one is April 6. and the subject will be “The Industrial Food System: Equity, Regionalization and Regeneration

While some of the forum sessions may specifically focus on Connecticut and issues there, food safety, justice, and environmental health are universal issues.

March 18, 2022

Contact: Ali Ghiorse

Title: Founder of the Foodshed Network

Email: ali@thefoodshednetwork.org 

Phone: 203 585 3431

FOOD, AGRICULTURE & JUSTICE: What We Eat Can Harm or Heal 

The Foodshed Network and Conservation Commission announce Greenwich Food System Forum (GFSF), a six-part series that will engage thought leaders on the interconnectedness between the industrialized food system and our greatest ecological and social challenges; human and ecological health, economic disparity, racial inequity, food insecurity and access, affordable housing and climate change. Ali Ghiorse, Founder of the Foodshed Network stated, “The industrialized food system, made possible by the exploitation of land, labor and resources, is in need of transforming into one that is regenerative, regional, equitable and just. GFSF will be a valuable educational opportunity, open to everyone.”  

The GFSF spring and fall series will run the first Wednesday of each month starting on April 6th through June and September 14tth through November. Local and state-wide advocates and community organizers, who understand the layers of complexity within our food system, will discuss the ways in which root causes are embedded in policy, practice and mindset. Lynn Stoddard, Executive Director of Sustainable CT, stated, “Sustainable CT is excited about the Greenwich Food System Forum and the excellent line-up of speakers and topics, to help us all better understand the importance of  regional food systems in building more sustainable communities.  We encourage municipalities across the state to explore opportunities to support their local food networks and promote access to fresh foods for all residents.”  Panel discussions will set context, connect dots, and provide solutions that call for systemic and structural change. We wish to engage everyone, and all are welcome. Each panel discussion is free, and will be held virtually through Zoom, starting at 7:00pm.

The kickoff panel will feature speakers Meg Hourigan, Policy Director at Hartford Food System; Kip Kolesinskas, Solid Ground Professional and Soil, Conservation, and Land Use Consultant; Theresa Rangel, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Naugatuck, CT; Cassius Spears Sr., Farm Manager Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, Department of Agriculture; and Jeremy Whipple, Executive Director Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, Department of Agriculture. Theresa Rangel Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Naugatuck, CT believes, “To garden is to learn life lessons, it’s a metaphor for life. Gardening and growing is everything you need to know in life.”


April 6: The Industrial Food System: Equity, Regionalization and Regeneration 

May 4: Cultivating Connecticut Grown: By Land

June 1: Cultivating Connecticut Grown: By Sea

Sept 14: Just Food: Access, Opportunity and Economic Empowerment 

October 5: Seasonality: A Celebration of Taste, Place and Connection 

November 2: Pathways to Engagement: Regenerating a Resilient CT Foodshed

We have the power to be food system changemakers! Together, we can realize a future that advances a regionalized, regenerative, equitable and just Connecticut food system. Please join us!

For more information email ali@thefoodshednetwork.org, please visit our website: https://thefoodshednetwork.org/greenwich-food-system-forumand sign up for updates through The Foodshed Thymes: https://thefoodshednetwork.org/join-the-foodshed-thymes

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