Vision Prize – an expert poll on climate issues.

A group of researchers at Carnegie Melon created an online poll with the goal of improving public knowledge and understanding of various climate risks.  Called Vision Prize, here is some info from their FAQ

What is Vision Prize?

Vision Prize is an impartial and independent research platform for incentivized polling of experts in the academic community, industry, government and NGOs. Vision Prize builds on a long history of innovation in scientific opinion polling, and is affiliated with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

What is its purpose?

Scientific debate is inherently noisy. In the context of climate change, public perception of scientific disagreement inhibits action (even when there may in fact be substantial agreement). Our premise: A new mechanism is needed for better understanding and clearer communication of the views of scientists to the general public, policymakers and markets. See also: Why an expert poll on climate risk? TOP


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